Deburring and Edge Rounding


Deburring and Edge Rounding Specification Download PDF brochure.

  • Make : LOEWER
  • Model : Deburring and Edge Rounding
  • Condition : New


Loewer DiscMaster Series are designed to deburr and edge-round in a single pass.
Removal of burrs & splatter produced during laser, waterjet, flame and plasma cutting, or burrs in turret punch produced parts are removed in the first of a two or three step process depending on the model.
2 spindles driving abrasive discs, traverse the width of the feed through belt evenly removing the burrs before the next stage, again with 2 spindles traversing the feed through belt width produce a uniform 360deg rounded edge to all edges from all angles.
Model 4TD provides 4 spindles as described.
Model 6TD provides an additional 2 spindles creating a third row for extra processing including oxide removal etc.
Processing widths are 1,000mm , 1,500mm or (2,000mm model 4TD only)
The Loewer concept is very cost effective with uniform wear of all abrasives ensuring a low cost process with industries best results.
Parts as small as 20mm can be processed through the Disc Master as we do not require pinch rollers.
This alone provides a superior machine to other types of machine.
- Low comparable Machine Cost
- Low Abrasive Cost
- Long Life Abrasives
- Even Wear
- Excellent Deburring
- Excellent Edge Rounding
- Bonus Excellent Surface Finish
- Fast and Easy to Set Up
- Quick Changeover of Abrasives
All these advantages and a very competitive price for a German Quality Machine.



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